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Nasal irrigation is a simple and low-cost procedure that helps to safely relieve the symptoms of many sinus and nasal conditions. Practiced for centuries in India, sinus and nasal irrigation has been used by western medicine since the turn of the twentieth century as adjunctive therapy for sinusitis and other sinus symptoms. Nasalzyme has taken the irrigation process to the next level by combining all natural non-iodized Sea Salt and enzymes that have antibacterial properties. The added benefit of using Sea Salt is that it will deliver essential elements and minerals to the cells which line the nasal passage.

The CDC reports that there are over 32 million cases a year of chronic sinus infections. Patients spend billions of dollars each year on ineffective antibiotics that are helpless against allergens and cold viruses. The common cold is the most common cause of acute sinusitis and the number one reason for missed school. Though there is no cure for the common cold, there is no reason that you have to suffer through preventable sinus congestion. Saline nasal sprays, like Nasalzyme, combat stuffiness and congestion. Nasal irrigation moisturizes the nasal cavity and removes encrusted material, promoting mucociliary clearance and allowing you to rely less on medications for cold related pain. Unlike chemical decongestants, Saline nasal sprays are non habit forming, nonirritating and safe for everyone, even children.

Nasalzyme contains all natural Sea Salt, made up of 82 trace elements and minerals that nourish your body’s cells and help maintain balanced hydration. Nasalzyme is made with the antibacterial enzyme Lysozyme, a proven and effective natural safeguard against many pathogens, including Staphylococcus and E.coli. This powerful combination will quickly, safely and effectively help to keep your upper respiratory.
There is no longer the need for you to buy and mix messy ingredients to cleanse your nasal passages – Nasalzyme’s convenient easy to use container is easier and less expensive than bulky pump or kettle devices. The Nasalzyme actuator’s unique nozzle has been specially contoured to fit the nostril at a natural angle to provide a comfortable experience for all ages. State of the art bag-in-can technology prolongs shelf life and will keep your can of Nasalzyme sterile from its first spray until the last.
Nasalzyme is chemical free and drug free, so there is no risk of common nasal spray side effects such as addiction, drowsiness or jitters. Nasalzyme‘s state of the art packaging allows for it to be preservative free.
Use Nasalzyme Gentle for infants, children and as part of your regular hygiene regiment. Try Maximum Strength Nasalzyme for relief from persistent dryness, allergy, cold, and flu symptoms.