Nasalzyme Maximum Strength

Nasalzyme’s Maximum Strength formula is designed to aid in the relief of nasal congestion and irritation due to allergies and colds. This non addictive natural formula is enriched with enzymes and xylitol to cleanse and moisturize your nasal passages. The maximum strength formula is designed for adults experiencing issues concerning allergies</span, colds, extreme congestion. and the […]

Nasalzyme Gentle Formula

Nasalzyme’s gentle formula is a non stinging sea salt saline that will cleanse, moisturize and clear nasal passages. Enriched with natural enzymes, Nasalzyme will provide relief from dry, inflamed, congested and irritated nasal passages, caused by colds, allergies, air travel, low humidity and the overuse of chemical nasal decongestants. Insert actuator into nostril Press down […]